still don’t know what the fuck i want

gotta be this, gotta be that, better at this, less of this, more of that, definitely can’t act like that, and overall, must not embarrass myself.

What if you wake up one day and you’re not angry anymore?

I just want to talk to you, but that’d be kind of weird.

it’s hard to move on when you always regret one

Everything’s getting so complicated, but maybe it’s all in my head. Except I know that it isn’t, and I’m just telling myself that to avoid the immediate anxiety that comes with said complications. Why can I never bring myself to go through with anything? It’s an issue of mine, I know, but knowing you have a problem is milestones away from actually fixing it. I know who I am and I know my flaws. But I keep making mistakes.

On another note, I hate creepers. They need to fuck off.

A body made of flesh and bones that can take air in its lungs is insignificant. It is in the mind where extraordinary things lie, and in the mind is where I shall meet you when the end is nigh.

cannot. fucking. wait. to move out.

I have no freedom, no FUCKING AIR IN THIS HOUSE.

god, it’s like I get rid of one person who’s holding me back and keeping me from doing the shit I want to, and as soon as that person’s gone, out pops another one. fuck you, and you, and you

how the fuck do you expect me to just sit like a stone in this motherfucking house and be content with that? you’re a selfish person, always have been, I just always forgave you. I suppose I’ll forgive you again in the future, but everything’s stacking up, and soon it’ll be the final straw. it’s already getting harder to forgive you and my grudges are lasting longer. you never even listen when i talk. it’s just you you you you you you you you. always you

fuck you

i can’t stand illogical people.

I am not a fucking child, so stop treating me like one.

jesus it’s like, she yells at me for not studying at school

and then when i do and barely sleep

i come home and sleep

and she just yells at me for being lazy all day

leave me alone

@oct0berthirty ya feel

i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know

how i’m going to pass my finals, fuck doing well, i just need to pass my classes

i’m wasting my $5 spent on this thing

I reflect back and all that I can think is, did you enjoy causing so much unnecessary drama in my life? Because it was all you did.


1. Being chased. If you feel as if you’re running, and being chased, in your dream, it could mean you are running from some tough things in your life (or you may be running from an opportunity).

2. Falling. We often have a sense that we are falling in our dream – then we suddenly wake up and find we’re safe in our bed. This is said to be the fear that we are losing control, or it may be a fear of abandonment.

3. Having your teeth fall out. Like falling, this dream symbolizes powerlessness, and loss of control in some area of life. It can also mean you suffer from low self-esteem and are afraid to be honest and to speak your mind.

4. Being paralyzed when you try to run away. This is said to mean that you feel stuck or held back, or you can’t overcome some obstacle in your life.  

5. Flying.  Flying in your dreams is believed to signify a desire to express your creativity, to break out of the box and to reveal the real you.

6. Being submerged in water. This is said to mean we feel as if we’re drowning in life … that we’re feeling overwhelmed, and are close to breaking point.  

7. Being caught naked in public. We’re all afraid of being publicly exposed, as we know that we’re imperfect and inevitably fail. And though most of the time we can put on a good show, we fear we’ll be exposed for who and what we really are.

8. Being trapped or buried. It’s not hard to guess at the meaning here … as we often feel trapped by circumstances in life. This could be a dead end job, a bad relationship, a wrong decision or a mountain of debt. The message in the dream is you need to face the truth and start to take some steps to try and set yourself free.

1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 are the ones I always experience.

I feel much better after that rant.