Adrenaline is the theme of our getaway to Seaside. Wow. So many ups and downs. ADRENALINE PUMPING AND COURSING THROUGH OUR VEINS. SERIOUSLY. LOL.

All I can say is that I’m happy we bonded in special ways and experienced new things together.

Also, my faith in humanity is restored by the ridiculously cute knight in shining armour who got revenge for us on the Parkway. Thank you, kind stranger. He is our Prince Charming. I seriously wish God had made more men like him. Thank you.

It started at Shake Shack.

Which ended up with us taking the subway to Chinatown…
And eventually meeting up with Eunice at SoHo!

And trying on lots of ridiculous dresses!

Jessica isn’t in most of the pictures because she was too busy shopping and making us exhausted following her around. LOL. AND THEN. we went to get my bb pierced! But not before Christina took pictures like this -

or this -


and we were starving at this point. after the bus ride home (and my stupid ticket mishap) WE WENT TO 손짜장! Without jess. Wow, jess is really missing in my little scrapbooking attempt.

okay. and one final really funny picture. this was in uniqlo. LOL CHRISTINA.

JESSICA: “i look forward because of thes now”

when she actually mean to say “i couldn’t look forward because of the snow”


so, since i don’t usually have drunk stories to tell, i will share my one drunk story.

November 27th, 2010. We went to sogongdong to eat sdb :) because i was fucking starving. then we decided we were gonna drink (and jungyoon bought yogurutu) and eunice called up alex/jung/jahun and we WAITED FOREVER at the bubble tea place (where i saw my floormate from rutgers) and then they FINALLY CAME (after taking $3 out of jung’s bank account).

so we went to ziller ziller and had fun, i admit. it was good times. we sang a lot HAHAHA. BUT THEN. the man caught us drinking, so we had to leave, and once we got outside. things got messy. EUNICELEE WAS A FUCKING MESS. it took forever to convince the guys that we weren’t gonna drink more —; and eunice passed out in the car, so we just went to my house.

NOW. AT MY HOUSE. she wouldn’t take her fucking jacket off. and when i was trying to get it off, she kept saying “jung, i’m fine, I’M FINE, GOD YOU’RE SO ANNOYING, I’M FINE JUNG, LET GO” OMFG. and she kept trying to pee IN MY KITCHEN GARBAGE BAG. UGH. finally i took her upstairs to go pee, and my mom woke up right then and said that we smelled like alcohol. so whatever. we went downstairs and i pushed eunice on the bed. and she fell asleep in 0.00000067 seconds. literally.

oh eunice. and then i woke her up at 8. and apparantly she went into the shower with her bra on —; sigh. okay. that’s my story.

why the fuck are you so gay


-__- seriously. have fun in college HAHAHA.

second most funny moment of the day
CECE XP: you're just so cute x)
jeshiiica: i know
CECE XP: ..................
CECE XP: i hope you understand why you're not awesome
jeshiiica: .........
jeshiiica: i have a strong feeling
jeshiiica: people are gonna use this against me....many times

i think since you’re getting christina a tiger, it’d be appropriate to bring me back a black panther so that our two pets can play together. (: 

okay. thanks. have fun <3