the best feelings in the world (though I haven’t experienced most of them), so the best feelings in the world I have experienced thus far:

  • the cool breeze on a summer day
  • scratching an itch
  • drinking cool water when it’s hot
  • finally achieving your goals, whatever they may be
  • winning an argument
  • being sore after working out
  • eating really good food
  • feeling pretty after dressing up/getting your nails&hair did
  • submitting an essay when you’ve finished
  • being in a car for a road trip
  • driving a car
  • dancing
  • receiving a compliment
  • peeing
  • crying
  • yelling/screaming
  • getting a haircut
  • having a cigarette
  • being accepted
  • being respected
  • rollercoaster adrenaline
  • getting a tattoo
  • the G-spot on the way to the city
  • satisfied food cravings

I suppose I’ll update this when I think of more

I hate

  • incompetent people
  • ignorant people
  • unintentionally ignorant people
  • stupid people
  • close-minded people
  • people who can’t explain their reasoning
  • people who are bad with words
  • cocky people
  • spoiled people
  • people who sit idly by without trying to challenge their loved ones to be better people.

And there I shall conclude my list.

The most tragic kinds of people are those who have the best intentions but always seem to fuck up.

All I want to do is read good books, watch good quality TV/movies, dance to good music, and eat good food with good people.

Is that too much to ask for? There are too many things to do.

I can’t wait until break so I can do all these things and not feel stressed!

I wish I could start this semester over from the beginning. I should be doing much better than I am right now. I only have myself to blame.

Grr stress

I never dress up for Halloween. Of course I dressed up when I was younger. Princess, witch, pink power ranger… And then in high school (LOL OH GOD) my/our costumes never really panned out the way we wanted them too, except for the rock band and the cops. But come on, I’ve been at this school for 3 years now and I’ve never dressed up and gone out to a party even once. I am still bitter about not going out freshman year, but what’s done is done.

I just want to have fun

I finally know. My “style” is not feminine or girly or tomboy or anything like that. It’s mostly casual, but it’s always minimal. So… I’m a minimalist?

Sometimes I really want a boyfriend. But then I think about it, and I mean really think about it and I’m like


I really tried to study, I DID, but it just didn’t work out and now I’m JUST starting to study for my exam tomorrow, and I have no knowledge of the material except maybe T3 and T4 make up the thyroid hormone or something like that (?) and cortisol levels rise when you’re under stress

but I’m still going to go to sleep right now because I haven’t slept properly since friday because I’ve had exams and shit

what the hell am I doing with my life

even when I care, I can’t make myself act on it

Since its my birthday, I’ll admit something I’ve never been able to admit to myself. And that is, I regret not pursuing music in college. I am so envious of those music majors. I feel like my ambitions are dead and they’re out living the life I should be living.

You know when you’ve discovered something that ..actually means something. It strikes a chord in you, because it grasps hold of your mind and sends shivers down your body and doesn’t let you go until you’ve become obsessed with it

or you feel it pass through you, but the ache in your bones and the weak, tinny voice in the back of your mind is a constant reminder of what you’ve given up just to be the strongest you’ve always dreamed of being

how boring.

I think being obsessed with kpop ruined my self esteem. It made me ..feel so worthless. Like, why were those girls singing and dancing and being paid for it? And they were so skinny and “pretty” .. So glad I’m not into it anymore.

It wasn’t even the music; it was just the media’s portrayal and popularization and promotion of these “talented” stars and me just thinking “I could look like them”

Music was shit. Seriously though

I cannot wait for fall just for pumpkin spice flavored everything!!!

They say you never love anything the way you love your child. Unless I have a child of my own, I don’t think I’ll ever understand the extent of my parents’ love for me. That makes me sad .. :( I wish I could love them the way they love me, but it’s just impossible.

I want a boyfriend who’s good at singing so we can sing duets and make covers. And stuff like that.